Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Young Men and Beer Lights

My step-son went to a garage sale the other day and came home with a neon Coors Light bar light. He was proud that he was able to buy it for $3 when it surely was worth much more than that.   His mother couldn’t understand the fascination, but I knew where he was coming from. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been drawn into a bar by the glow of neon.  The fact that he was so excited about his purchase brought back some good memories.  It reminded me of the beer lights I had in college that decorated the walls of my dorm room. I got them from my older brother who worked for a beer distributor. They were a source of pride for me and envy for my roommates. 

My second year in the dorms, four of us decided to cram ourselves and all our stuff into one 8 x 10 room so that we could convert the other room into a “lounge”.  The lounge was where we kept all the stereo equipment, posters, couches and, of course, beer lights.  It was a place for hanging out with friends, listening to The Clash or The Dead, depending on your preference, or spending time with that special someone.  The beer lights gave the room a glow that was, in my sophomoric mind, the perfect atmosphere for romance.  Many a memorable moment took place in that room under those lights.  But that is subject for another day – maybe another blog.

In my junior year, we moved to a suite and the beer lights adorned the walls of the common room we all shared.  Halfway through the semester, someone broke in through our first floor window and stole my lights.  At the time, I was pretty ticked off.   Those lights meant a lot to me.  But now thinking back, they didn’t cost me a dime and I had such a good time with them.   I hope they gave their new owners as many fond memories as they gave me.  Maybe my step son will put his light in his dorm or apartment and carry on the tradition of young men and beer lights. . .

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