Sunday, November 20, 2011

Abbey Wright Brewing Co. - Williamsport PA

Brian, our “man in the field”, travelled to PA to sample some of their microbrews and fill some growlers for friends and family back home.  Here is his report:

Housed inside THE VALLEY INN in Williamsport, PA is the ABBEY WRIGHT BREWING COMPANY.  They offer 10 different Craft Beers.  I tried the Vanilla Stout and the Brown Ale.  Both had an unappealing bite to them.  The Vanilla Stout was missing that smoky flavor that is typical of stouts and I couldn't taste the Vanilla at all.  The Brown Ale could best be described as WATERY.

The Abbey Wright Brewing Company was established in 2006 but forgot to get that key figure in any great brew pub: a Brew Master.  The employees were very nice but spent most of their time running around refilling $1.50 domestic drafts for chain smokers sitting at the bar.  They had no knowledge of the Craft Beer they were serving.

I planned to bring home a growler of the Brown Ale, but as the bartender began to fill my growler, the keg ran out and no one knew how to the tap the next keg. By that point I had developed a new plan : TO LEAVE.

Throughout my entire time there, I couldn't help thinking of the IN LIVING COLOR Comedy Show and the reoccurring skit MEN ON FILM.  When both characters didn't like a particular movie they would look into the camera and proclaim, "HATED IT!"

 Good luck Abbey Wright Brewing Company, you're gonna need it.

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  1. Its always good to read the occasional not so positive (bad) review. It can't all be great beer out there. I guess we wont be forwarding this to Abbey to put on their web site.

    Although I am curious, exactly how many chain smokers were at the bar?