Friday, September 30, 2011

Innis and Gunn Tasting – Cable Beverage

The first thing you notice when you sip an Innis and Gunn original is the pronounced vanilla taste running through it.  Apparently, it gets that flavor from the oak barrels it is aged in.  This is the flavor I fell in love with when I first tried it.  So, when I had the opportunity to sample 2 other styles by this Scottish brewer, I jumped at the chance.  The girl from the distributer was half filling plastic, shot sized cups right outside Cable Beverage on Route 304 in Bardonia, NY.  After a little prompting and a promise to buy some product when we were through, she agreed to refills. 
The original was as good as ever: smooth, sweet and satisfying.  The rum cask ale had a sweet liquery taste, but not overpowering by any means.  In fact, I thought it didn’t taste quite rum-enough.  It could have been stronger without turning too many people off.  All the participants at this tasting seemed to be happy with its taste. 
The Highland Cask Ale was the one we all were waiting for.  This one is not readily available in the states and has been aged in casks that once contained a single malt Scotch whisky.   This one had a stronger profile than the rum cask ale.  The whiskey was there without taking over the whole show. I could see myself sitting in front my fireplace on a cold night sipping this beer and warming up inside and out.  I was impressed enough with the selections that I bought a sample pack that contained the first two and a seasonal winter ale along with an I & G glass for $9.99.  I’ll let you know how the winter tastes when I work my way through the set, hopefully before winter


  1. That's a good deal! Cable Beverages is a crazy little place, isn't it? Its a god mine for beer nerds, and that you can buy singles is very cool!

    I've always hesitated on the I&G because of the clear glass bottles. I know the beer looks purdy and all, but nothing is worse for beer than light, and clear glass lets it all in!

  2. Agreed about the clear glass. Luckily it doesn't stick around long enough to go bad.