Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eddie’s Roadhouse – Warwick, NY

Let me tell you about a craft beer gem I came across recently.  Last weekend I dropped my son off at Mountain Creek Ski resort in Vernon, NJ and on the way home I called my friend Mark who lives in Warwick.  He had been raving about this great little bar on Main Street that served nothing but microbrews.  We met for lunch and I was impressed by everything I saw. 
The first thing I noticed when I sat down at the bar was that there were no TVs in the place.  Eddie, the owner’s son, told us that it was intentional in order to get people talking to each other. And sure enough, by the time I had left about an hour later, Mark and I had met virtually everyone at the bar. 
Another thing I liked about Eddie’s is that they only serve craft beer. They have about 8 taps pouring micros and foreign brews, but no big national brands.  Ed said that if someone orders a Coors Light he directs them to an IPA he always has flowing.  If they want Guinness he lets them taste a brown or black ale and watches their face light up. 

I told him I had been drinking Belgians lately and he introduced me to St. Bernardus Abt 12.  This abbey style quadruple ale is brewed by Brouwerij St. Bernard in Wantau, Belgium.  A “quadruple” is a strong, dark ale with a higher alcohol content then a double or tripel.  This one has a 10% ABV that is hidden pretty well by the fruity over tones. It was served in a matching glass which really delighted me – I love when stuff matches.
Eddie Senior walked in shortly after and I was introduced to this energetic man.  He told me that he always wanted to own a restaurant and The Roadhouse was his “dream come true”.  He and his son strive to create an authentic experience for their patrons.  They go so far as to bring in bands that play exclusively original music and on Wednesdays novices get to perform at an open mic.

I ordered fries with gravy to accompany my second beer which was a black IPA from Stone Brewing Co.  The fries were the perfect comfort food to complement the toasted flavor of the beer. It may have been cold outside, but I was feeling warm and toasty at Eddie’s Roadhouse.  So, if you’re ever on your way home from the slopes, come in out of the cold and find some comfort in Eddie's Roadhouse. 

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