Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Abita 25th Anniversary Vanilla Double Dog

It is wonder that this Louisiana brewery could be making great beer for a quarter of a century and I’ve only been aware of it for the last few years.  True, craft beer is having a huge growth in popularity all over the U.S.  But this is a beer I should have been exposed to in some form way before I actually sought it out.  Here’s my impressions:

Bottle: 22oz.

Cost: $7.99

Style: American Strong Ale

ABV: 7%

Color: Dark brown like root beer

Head: Thick and creamy

Smell: Nice vanilla nose with caramel overtones

Taste:  The vanilla is there but not as strong as in the smell.  A nice smooth mouth feel.    There is a roasted taste that is pronounced and finishes off with just a slight bitterness.

Overall:  A fine beer and worth a second try

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