Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kwak Beer from Belgium

For over 200 years, seven generations of Kwaks have been brewing beer in the tiny town of Buggenhout, Belgium.  Their Bosteel Brewery makes only three types of beer, but if the other two are anything like this one, then less is definitely more.  I poured this dark special ale from a 750 ml bottle that is corked to allow the yeast inside to continue fermenting.  Note: Corked beer bottles should be stored upright as opposed to wine bottles which are kept on their side. It came out of the bottle an amber color with a nice tan head.  It smells of spicy coriander and a little bit of cloves.  The taste is malty and sweet with just a slight kick from the 8.4% ABV.  It is smooth as silk on the palate with a fruity aftertaste.  It is the combination of smells and tastes that makes this beer hard to describe but incredibly satisfying. This bottle set me back about 11 bucks but I would take one bottle of Kwak over a case of Bud any day!

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