Saturday, February 4, 2012

Football and Craft Beers at Sutter's Mill in Suffern, NY

by Tom

The night of the last playoff game found me at Sutters Mill in Suffern, NY with a couple of friends.  While enjoying the game and a great burger I asked for whatever seasonal Samuel Adams they had.  I was surprised that it was their spring offering,  Alpine Spring.  This is a nice, unfiltered kellerbier that really hits the spot.  It is a little higher on the alcohol content, but still something you can sit back and consume in volume.  Not that I did, as far as you know. 

I preferred last years spring beer Noble Pils more, but as I understand it Boston Beer Company is making that beer a permanent part of their repertoire.  By the way, Sutters Mill is great place to hang out have some great pub fare with friends and family.   Their craft beer selection is limited, however, to the Sam Seasonal and a rotating offering from local Defiant microbrewery in Pearl River, NY.

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