Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sebago Brewery - Scarborough, ME‏

By Brian
Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I visited my favorite New England Craft Brewery - Sebago Brewery in Scarborough, ME. This has become my regular stop ever since I visited Portland, ME in late, 2007. Sebago has a full line of Craft & Seasonal Beers plus they offer limited releases throughout the year. I tend to find something I like and stay with it. At Sebago, it is their Runabout Red Ale and the Lake Trout Stout. If you enjoy Red Ales or Stouts, you will not be disappointed.
Being a lifelong New Yorker, the only thing better than the beer was sitting at the bar as the Boston Red Sox were trying to remember how to play baseball. To all the Red Sox fans in the bar both nights I'd like to say: TO BAD - SO SAD - I'M GLAD!
To the Sebago Brewery I'd like to say, keep up the great job but don't get rid of the 22oz Runabout. That is my TO-GO BREW.

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