Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home brewed Chocolate Imperial Stout

I come from a family of beer lovers.   There are five boys and we all have a thing about beer.  Now the next generation is getting into the act.  My brother Brian was nice enough to document his thoughts and feelings about brewing his first successful batch of beer at home with his son.

My son Sean & I had an emotional Saturday afternoon filled with great joy.  We bottled our first home brew. 

The process started three Saturday's ago with the brewing of an Imperial Stout.  We agreed to add our own signature taste to the beer by turning it into a Chocolate Imperial Stout.  A fight quickly ensured in my mind because I now couldn't decide between turning our first home brew into a Chocolate Imperial Stout, a Dark Chocolate Imperial Stout,  a Belgium Chocolate Imperial Stout, a German Dark Chocolate Imperial Stout........I think you can see where this was going; NOWHERE.

Sean reached up, ripped me from the ceiling and reminded me of my guiding principle of life: K.I.S.S. = KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.  Our Beer making had begun.  The first fermentation process took a week followed by a two week second fermentation.  The picture shows the final bottling process and now A LONG AND PAINFUL 2 TO 4 WEEK WAITING PERIOD for the beer to carbonate.

PS - Sean & I have also had to incur the cost of adding additional security measures around the house.  My brothers have been attempting to break in a steal our LIQUID GOLD.

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  1. Ha! What a dilemma! Great story, and I think it is so cool that beer can bring families together like that. Looking forward to reading about the end-result!