Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fruit Beers of Summer - A husband and wife review

In search of the perfect summer fruit beer my wife and I visited Spirits Unlimited next to the big A & P in Seaside Heights, NJ. I was surprised that they were open at 9 on a Sunday morning. We felt a little sleazey walking out of the place with 2 sixpacks when most people hadn't even had breakfast yet. But it is the price we pay to find the perfect beer.

The store was big with a huge selection of wines and extensive craft beer section in coolers. They do not allow customers to break up six packs. I was drawn to a cherry beer from Lakefront Brewery in Wisconson. I had never tasted this flavor before and was anxious to try one. My wife settled on a Mich Ultra with dragon fruit and peach.

Lakefront Cherry Lager (5.5% ABV)

The cherry was a lager that poured with little head and had a nice sweet bouquet. I felt the fruit taste was almost too light to detect . My wife was pleased with it though. Maybe there is something to the idea that females have better senses than males. The head disappeared quickly but the abundance of bubbles made it seem like it was almost super-carbonated. So much so, that after one sip the tickle in the back of my throat made me cough some beer out my nose. (If you didn't like the beer before this, now you are really turned off by my visual - sorry). The after taste was a little medicinal not unlike that of gin. My wife felt that it was tart like a cherry should be. To each his/her own.

Mich Ultra Dragon Fruit and Peach (4% ABV).

The Mich Ultra had a perfumey peach smell. It is a lite beer but I felt it had more taste than the Lakefront. The taste and scent seemed to blend a little better in this beer. It left a little lacing of the head around the glass. We both thought the peach after-taste was pleasing to the tongue.

Final analysis:

My wife thought the cherry was mediocore, but I felt that it was below average as far as fruit beers go. We both thought the peach would quench our thirst on a hot day. So we loaded the cooler with the peach and head for the beach.

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