Friday, November 16, 2012

Keegan's Brewery - Kingston, NY

Built in an unassuming brick factory on the outskirts of Kingston , NY is Keegan's Brewery.  The low key facade hides a large space that looks as if it could house well over 100 people.  There is a huge projector TV that shows NFL games on Sundays. The menu is short but very well prepared.

Their beer list is diverse but their flagship is aptly named Mother's Milk Stout.  It's rich and creamy like a chocolate shake.  For those who need even more flavor, try their Jo Mama's Milk Imperial Stout.  It adds a dose of coffee to all that sweetness and jacks the ABV up to 8%.  

If you are lucky, like we were, you'll catch Tommy Keegan at the bar.  We sat and talked beer for a while.  He spoke of living upstairs above the brewery for the first couple of years before his beer really caught on.  Tommy is about as down-to-Earth as they come.  

Makes me happy when I tap one of his kegs at Growler & Gill to support a local business man who is also a great guy.


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