Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Mad Elf on Christmas Eve

Sticking with the Elf theme this week, I selected a Mad Elf Ale from Troeg’s Brewing Co. for my Christmas eve beer.  Troegs is located in Harrisburg, PA and makes some fine beers, including their double bock called Troeginator that I plan to review this winter.   

This beer pours a copper brown with a minimal head that disappears quickly.  I can smell a feint cherry scent.  First sip: nice malty taste with a little alcohol bite at the end.  I’m not surprised that it has an 11% ABV.  I would prefer if it had a little bit of a head. I can’t say that I taste any cherries other than a feint sour finish. It would have been nice to have a little more maltiness to off set the boozy bite. 

Overall, I’d say this is a nice holiday beer but I’ve got many more to sample before this Christmas is over.

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